Hello, and welcome to Rip Some Lips Guide Service, the best guide service in Western Washington.


Let me start off by introducing myself.  My name is Owen Mansfield, and I am the owner and operator of Rip Some Lips Guide Service.


Drift boat fishing in Washington started out as a spare time hobby for me to get away and relax on the river, but I quickly developed an ever growing passion to learn all I can about these Western Washington rivers. For years, I spent all of my spare time on local waterways like the Cowlitz River, Chehalis River, Satsop River and more.


After years of drifting the rivers and countless hours with my rod in the water, I decided it was time to make my passion work for me and Rip Some Lips Guide Service was born.


....and the adventure continues...




All fishing gear, tackle and bait for your Guided Fishing Adventure is provided by Rip Some Lips Guide Service.  No need to worry about getting your gear ready--we do it for you. Rip Some Lips Guide Service uses top-rated gear from local sponsors and trusted Fishing Gear Suppliers.


Rivers are constantly moving and changing, so we supply a number of different rods, set up for different fishing styles to accommodate different sections of the rivers. With separate rods set up different ways, we can switch from hover fishing or bobber fishing to side drift or diver fishing on the river quickly, keeping your rod in the water where the fish are.

We use the best slick bottom boat coating on the market today to ensure maximum maneuverability on the river.


Just look at the before and after of the drift boat.  Not only does it go on smooth and easy, but it adds a bit of style as well.

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